Having an aneurysm but damn it I will live to blog another day, you haven’t defeated me yet!

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Raz calms me down when there are anti-Semites floating around. Which is apparently always. 

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My favorite new theory: all the Jews of the Middle East in fact converted to other religions therefor there is no Jewish claim to the land and European Jewry clearly appeared spontaneously.

Yes, sure.

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Palestinians definitely have a claim to the land but there is no such thing as ~*~Historic Palestine~*~ and the Palestinian identity is absolutely a modern creation and I am not backing down on that point ever.

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lol if you want me to take you seriously you gotta stop with the insults.

Well here we go again:

·         "Judaism predates Christianity and Islam." well you don’t say?

·         “you lived amongst us.” No honey, Jews later on converted into other religions, some of them voluntarily converted and some were forced to convert, and stop relating yourself to the three thousand year old Jews, you can’t say for fact you’re related to them, because who knows maybe your grandparents were one out of the million who pretended and converted to Judaism just to escape from living in the Soviet Union.

  • “Jews were not protected by Muslims. Actually, Muslim conquerors in Europe were pretty bad for Jews as well.” Oh yeah the Muslims were so bad, they were so bad that the they made them work as tax collectors, political advisors physicians, diplomatic emissaries, and interpreters. Source`
  • “Jews that converted are mostly from, oh my Gosh, EUROPE! Jews and Muslims did coexist extremely well in many communities for many centuries. Until, you know, the twentieth century when they tried to slaughter us the world over.” And you guys immigrated to Palestine and the Palestinian Arabs welcomed you until oh you know, when Palestinians figured that there was a plan to establish a Jewish state over their own lands.

  • “Also, you forget that Jews continuously lived in the region for millennia, and if you’re getting so nit-picky about the region of “Historic Palestine” then you need to acknowledge Jewish “Palestinians”.” Stop using the quotes whenever you say Palestine or Palestinians, you need to admit that they are also human beings, and as I said before Jews lived in the Middle East AMONG Christians and Muslims.

  •  Second, your numbers are really wrong if you think that point was about Jewry that converted.” What numbers are you talking about???

  • “Anti-Semitism is a word that is used explicitly to refer to racism against JEWS. Look it up, get a dictionary. You can be an anti-Semite if you’re “Semitic”. Sorry to burst your racist bubble.” Alright boys and girls let us open our dictionaries and define the word Semite: a member of any of a number of peoples of ancient southwestern Asia including the Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs well ho ho ho it seems that you’re an Anti-Semite, congratulations. Sorry to reveal to you the ugly truth :(

  • “You shouldn’t ask Jews because you are conflating Jews with Zionists, you are conflating Israelis with Zionists and you are conflating Jews with Israelis. These are nuanced words and very large groups.” Let me clarify more, I asked Israeli Jews who used to live in Israel.

  • “This is a racial microaggression.” How they hell asking someone is “racial microaggresion”????????????????????????????????????????????

  • “Bonus round, we won, so it doesn’t matter. Their opinions don’t matter. Israel is there, sorry. No matter what we offer, it isn’t good enough, because your leadership wants us to simply go away. That’s too bad.” *Sarcasm*Oh yes you guys did*Sarcasm*, it’s funny how Israel said it would stop  Hamas’ rockets and then just before truce declared rockets were fired to Tel Aviv and Ashkelon. #fail And oh what happened to the Golani? One of Israel’s finest? Oh yeah they were humiliated by guerrilla militants. And Oh Israel said it destroyed all tunnels between Gaza and Israel and then few days later what happened? BAM! Militants just broke into a military base in Nahal Oz and returned back to their homes. And neither side wins. But yet Israel failed to accomplish its promises. And oh the Israeli settlers living around the Gaza Strip are now in Tel Aviv and they are refusing to return.

  • “Sorry I can’t hear you over the sound of your bigotry.” What bigotry? All what I’m saying is stop using Hamas as an excuse, that doesn’t mean I’m with Hamas, but stop living in an illusion that Hamas is the cause of the whole Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

  • “First of all, 1948 was a mutual war. Attacks were on both sides.” Oh yeah right “mutual war” in the end Israel ended up occupying 50% of the land that was designated for the Palestinians in resolution 181

  • “Second, 1967 was not with Palestinians.” but then you occupied what was left, by taking the West Bank, Gaza Strip.

  • “Third, JPost is an English language paper and not reliable, Ha’Aretz is an unpopular paper and both are right leaning. Of course those people consider it a “loss”. It’s a loss to them because we ever agreed to a ceasefire with terrorists (read: Hamas).” So you admit it’s a loss? Well how great you started facing reality. And yeah Haaretz is right leaning but I don’t think the same goes to JPost.

  • “This conflict did exist before Hamas, but you are equating gun fire in times of war to thousands of rockets in times of peace. You are saying it’s okay for them to attack my family, my home, my friends, at their leisure, because we all fought each other in 1948.” No I’m not okay with anyone firing rockets at anyone, But here’s why Hamas fired rockets. LINK and is it okay for you for Israel to target my own family and neighbours? Just two-three weeks ago my cousin who is a firefighter was killed in the line of duty, they targeted his fire truck. And they destroyed my Apt tower a week ago and it had my Grandma living there and now she lost her belongings. And my neighbours are homeless. People on the other side want to live too you know.

  • “This post was about a minority within, you guessed it, another minority. You called them converts, you also stated that converts have no rights within a religion in the same sentence (whether you meant to or not).” I didn’t say they don’t have rights, I said that I’m being denied from my own rights I can’t even just visit Jaffa or Acre, heck I can’t even visit the West Bank because I’m Gazan.

  • “You made this about ~*~something else~*~ so sit down.” You said so, so don’t say I’m continuing to “hijack” this post.

  • “Didn’t swear, but you are gross!!!!!!!”  is it because I was born Palestinian?

Thank you for continually erasing the history of the Jewish people in your posts, for consistently spewing racial micro-aggressions (like your commentary about the Jews of the Soviet Union), and for reading selectively. But before I block you, here’s a definition of anti-Semitism (you’re the poster child). 

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Meretz Supporters like…

"I’m not liberal, I’m not conservative… I am a tree"

"Well, we’re here, what now?"

"How much more yoter can we get?"

"I quit"

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*rolls around uncomfortably in the dirt like a chinchilla*

whispering, “christian zionists”

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