"sorry I didn’t bother to look up information about Jews on wikipedia before I start making ridiculous demands on and policing tumblr Jewry and talking out of my ass about Jews" : a tumblr tele-novella

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the term "anti-semitism" was specifically created by nazi germany to refer to their hatred of jews tho... while it's a misnomer, i think it's also pretty shitty to tell jews not to use a word that was created to justify the systematic oppression and extermination of their people.





This is the third time we’ve gotten this ask. You act as if I walk up to people right after the burning of a synagogue and say “Hey, that’s not anti-Semitic, don’t use that!” when that’s clearly not the case. I don’t feel comfortable with Zionists using that term to erase my own ethnic origins. Nothing you can tell me can make me feel okay with someone using “anti-Semitic” against me, a Semite. I’ve given a reasonable alternative. If you’re still unhappy, find somewhere else to complain because I’ve stated my point of view on this and I’ve repeatedly asked people to give me a reasonable explanation for why I can’t just replace it with “Anti-Jewish” and no one has.

If you wanna talk about how shitty it is to tell Jews not to use that word against other Semites, let’s talk about how shitty it is when Zionists tell Palestinians that they’re being “anti-Semitic,” let’s talk about how shitty it is when they try to erase any connection the Palestinians have to their own lands. Let’s talk about how the world’s collective ignorance of Arabs being Semites has actually led to people arguing that since Jews are Semites, they have a better claim to that land. Yes. That’s literally happened to me before.

No one is going to tell me I should be okay with the collective erasure of my ethnic origin. Because it isn’t okay. This is the last ask I’m answering about this.

- Fatimah

…”how shitty it is to tell Jews not to use that word against other Semites, let’s talk about how shitty it is when Zionists"…

Bolding mine. Because you know what’s antisemitic? Acting like all Jews are Zionists. Like all Zionists are Jews. It’s antisemitic to assume those words are interchangeable, and it’s antisemitic to blame Jews for the actions of Zionists. 

Another example of antisemitism: acting on some fucked up anti-fucking-semitic idea that that Zionists being shitty gives you the right to tell Jews what we can or can not call our own oppression, or the people who hurt us.

Antisemitism is not about Zionists. Zionists have fuck all to do with this conversation. "But Palestine!" is not a response to accusations of antisemtism unless you’re an antisemite.

You want the other side of your argument? Try asking how many Jews have been told that something isn’t antisemitic because ‘Other people are Semites too!’, as if we didn’t know that. And not told that we’re using the wrong word, but told that our oppression isn’t real until we use the word our oppressors want us to. I know that’s not what you’re saying, but it’s what I hear, because it’s what I’ve been told time and time again. So be mindful, and maybe don’t declare that this is your last word on the subject unless you want your last words to be antisemitic.

but ur basicaly saying u dont care about being antisemitic u just care if people call u that

Are goyim even real.

(Also, the anon is incorrect. The term antisemitism was coined in the 19th C to give a more scientific sheen to the older term “Jew-hatred.” Because racism was seen as a scientific, acceptable way to promote hatred of a group!)

Antisemitism applies to non-Jewish semites the same way the term “gay-bashing” applies to happy people.

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Get out if you're a messianic Jew? How about get out if you're a white Jew? I mean you guys took it from Middle Easterners and North Africans...


Are you trying to imply that Asheknazi Jews are European white folks who stole Judaism from Middle Easten people because of reasons? 


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Doing the Swedish chic thing. Converse not pictured.

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Why do I have to buy modest clothing why why why why why

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"ruach". Hebrew. translates to “spirit", “wind", or “breath. below, a sword/cross.

Why would you get a tattoo in a language that is not your own? Because it looks “pretty” or “cool” or “interesting”?

"Ruach" means much more than just "spirit" or "breath". Having it tattooed on your goy body cheapens it. This does not have meaning to you. This is not your language. This is not your culture or your religion.
Think before you ink.

Hebrew necessarily is a part of my religion and the early culture behind it. while it wasnt the primary language, its relationship to certain New Testament ideas (especially through the Septuagint) is pretty indelible.

that said this tattoo is not to remind me that Jesus is ~so much better than those Jews~ but rather to remind me how much Jesus was really a Jew. the “Son of God” means something very different in Jesus’ context (as a Jew particularly) than the meaning Christians have given, for instance. i am not an American evangelical, and i am fully aware that this word means more than /just/ that.

so like, yeah im not Jewish, but my religion and culture are directly and necessarily tied to Hebrew roots and Jewish ideas—including but certainly not limited to ruach (which has a Greek “equivalent” πνεύμα).

note: this is NOT to say that cultural appropriation doesnt exist or that Christians are oppressed “too.”

The thing is, Christians have been killing Jews since the beginning. Two thousand years of murder. You have no place to reclaim your “Jewish background”. You don’t have a Jewish background.

Glad you solidified your identity as a windbag

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