Questions about the Armenian Genocide that I wish were frequently asked

1. What is the Armenian Genocide?

The Armenian Genocide was the systematic deportation and massacre of 1.5 million of the 2 million Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire.

2. Why is April 24th the anniversary?

On April 24th, 1915, Turkish officials rounded up hundreds of Armenian community leaders and executed them. They would be the first of many Armenians to be murdered in the coming years.

3. I heard Armenians made this all up. How can we be so sure there actually was a genocide?

The evidence is so overwhelming to a point where the only historians to make claims that there was no genocide were found to have gotten huge research grants from the Turkish government. The Armenian Genocide is historical fact. This isn’t a debate.

4. What was “systematic” about the Genocide?

The Young Turks had a plan from the beginning and they executed that plan just as it was drawn up. First they drafted the Armenian male population between the ages of 20-45 into their army. Then they “requested” the Armenian population to turn their guns over to the government to help in the war effort.(The genocide took place during World War 1)  At this point, Armenian soldiers in the Turkish Army are deprived of their uniforms and arms. And then the events on April 24th, 1915 that I described earlier transpired. After that, the army began killing at will. Armenian homes had no means of defense. Mass deportations ended in mass graves.

5. Who or what are the Young Turks?

The Young Turks was a Turkish Nationalist Reform Party. It was led by Talaat Pasha, Enver Pasha, and Djemal Pasha. These three together were known as a dictatorial triumvirate.

6. Why won’t the United States recognize the genocide?

This may seem so small and so simple but it’s the truth… Army bases. The US doesn’t want to lose Turkey as an ally because they’d lose a critical/strategic safe zone in the middle east if they did. You could also argue they just don’t want to stir up trouble in a region of the world where more trouble doesn’t need stirring up.

This is just a quick little summary. If anyone has anymore questions regarding the Genocide please ask me! I will answer everything to the best of my knowledge!

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Opinion on Indian & Ethiopian Jews ? Do you consider them real Jews ?

A real Jew is anyone who is Jewish. If they identify as Jewish, they are Jewish. Humans come in all colors, sizes and shapes. So do Jews. : ) 

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There is definitely no Jewish ethnicity. Ashkenazi people are Slavs who converted and their 'culture' is entirely Eastern European. They aren't even distinguishable from other Slavic people unless they have driedels and head scarves.

You’re actually stupid. Ashkenazim carry a multitude of alleles amongst themselves that are rare in other populations which leads to the indication that they were endogamic. Enough endogamy can lead to different races, or do you just like not understand how that works? Ashkenazim trace their lineage to almost two-thousand years ago because the temple was destroyed so they moved to Europe, other Jews went to India (they look Indian, but oh my God, JEWS!) or China (they look Chinese, but oh my God, JEWS!). They have been in Europe for thousands of years. Do you know how skin color works? No? Well I don’t have time for your bitch ass but it has a lot to do with environmental factors… like say, the amount of sunlight available? Also, there are surely Slavs who converted but that does not mean that after how many hundreds of years they did not intermarry and their offspring are not ethnically Jewish. Furthermore, the culture might be European, but it isn’t Eastern European as a whole and you are an asshole to exclude the Jews of Western and Central Europe who do completely different things (like fuck you we’re Dutch Sephardic), and also are probably just weirdly against Slavs so you can go fuck yourself because you’re clearly mad you never got some Matryoshka on Noviy God.

Tl;dr I woke up to this bullshit and you’re disgusting.

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