Narrow Vestibule by Caleb Groh.

Narrow, little vestibule
You are destined to be alone
Well how are you wide enough for a heart aside from your own?

Drought would come and drink with me
Steal my wine when I’m dead asleep
Grafted bough and river trout
Who’s thirsty now?
It’s me, it’s me

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Sobbing uncontrollably because Gabriel Garcia Marquez has sadly passed.

We watch all our idols fall, don’t we?

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Maybe it I shut my eyes hard enough I’ll disappear

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Maybe I’ll just tell them all I’m a nubile virgin and throw lambs blood onto the sheets when the deed is done.

But fuck I really like having crisp white sheets.

God damn.

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My sexual history shouldn’t have to be don’t ask, don’t tell.

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Here’s a pattern I’ve noticed with pseudointellectuals:

They encourage women to be “slutty”, enjoy casual sex, etc. but when it isn’t with them, they get angry, when you reveal your sexual history to them, they are shocked you’ve had any partners at all.

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